Superior Craftsmanship and Unmatched Reliability Makes Total Pro Services a Trusted Property Partner

Total Pro Services has been servicing residential and commercial clients all over the Metrowest MA, area for more than 12 years. We offer a comprehensive list of home improvement and property maintenance services ranging from painting and remodeling to advanced eco-friendly cleaning. Above all, the most important way we honor our clients will always be with reliable customer service Whether you need help repairing a DIY meltdown, breathing new life into a kitchen, or just need someone to keep the place tidy, we can do it all while fitting your budget, your schedule and your life.


On-time Reliability

When it comes to making residential and commercial improvements, no matter how big or small they may be, there’s nothing more important than reliability. That’s why at Total Pro Services, we’re always right on time, especially when you need us the most. Our consistent level of personal service is what sets us apart from your average handyman service, and why we’ll keep you coming back.

Collaborative Responsiveness

Plans change, things come up and budgets aren’t always flexible. That’s why we’re available to talk to you at a moment’s notice. We want to learn exactly what your vision entails because we care getting the job done right the first time. Better yet, we’ll be available before, during and after the project has finished to ensure you get end-to-end service you can trust.

Professional Quality

Total Pro Services isn’t your typical handyman crew. We’re able to provide advanced,expert services that based on years of training and real-world, hands on experience. From planning, designing and implementing a gorgeous bathroom install, to cleaning gutters and windows, there’s nothing Total Pro Services can’t handle with class, speed and quality craftsmanship.